Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities
Box Tops : Our school averages $1500 - $2000 each year in free money from Box Tops, but before we can send in the box tops we must cut and paste them on special sheets for submission. We just need hands to cut and paste! (This can be done during school hours or from home!) 
Decorations : Several events throughout the year will require a decorative touch. If you can hang up decorations, we need your help!
Hospitality : We provide snacks/meals to our teachers every month for their staff meeting. If you are willing to send in something for this, we will send a link for you to sign up each month.
Room Parent : Help your child's teacher out with anything she may need! Offer to read to the class, bring snacks, or help resupply her classroom with essentials like paper towels, Clorox wipes, and Kleenex. Even small things can make a teacher's life easier!
Parent Work Room : Located in the Learning Commons, parents can come any time to make copies and cut laminated sheets for teachers.
Work with Students : Some students may need an adult to read with for extra practice or someone to help with math facts. This is a tremendous help to teachers AND students. 
Special Volunteer Opportunities   
Boosterthon Fun Run : This is our school's largest annual fundraiser, and is an easy and fun way to get involved. Volunteers are needed in the weeks before and after the event to deliver pledge rewards to children, and entering pledges into the computer. On the day of the event, volunteers are needed to help pass out water to the children as they run.
Fall Carnival : Next to the Boosterthon Fun Run, the carnival is the biggest fundraising events of the year. The fall carnival requires help in setting up and tearing down the games and events, supervising different games and inflatables. We also hold a silent auction during the carnival, which is only as good as the items collected to sell! Volunteers are always needed to get into the community and solicit donations.
Santa Shop :  Each year we give the children the opportunity to buy presents for their families in our "shop" in the Learning Commons. Volunteers are needed to help with setting up, helping the children during the sale, and cleaning up afterward.
Please see the Calendar of Events for the dates of these special opportunities to get involved.